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InstantBond Press Release

  • Instantbond by Inoteca Inc. Promises Freedom to fix anything Instantly!
  • Inoteca Instantbond™ is a new brand of adhesive produced by Inoteca Inc.  The manufacturers have claimed that it’s the fastest adhesive agent ever invented offering a new freedom of a no wait instant repair.
  • Instantbond by Inoteca Inc. has introduced a fast and super strong “NO WAIT” adhesive break through! The saying “this changes everything” is so true with Instantbond about adhesion. It is truly revolutionary! You can repair or affix an item and be back working or functioning  within seconds at full strength! There is nothing on the market like this! Instantbond gives you the freedom of “letting go, No holding, no clamps, no nails, no messy tape, or waiting for hours with other inferior glues” Imagine the uses.
  • Instantbond is a high-performance cyanoacrylate adhesive manufactured by Inoteca Inc.. Inoteca has claimed that the aerosol accelerator, has given the adhesive the ability to bond objects in as little as 3 seconds. This unique component has taken gluing to a whole NEW level. Instantbond™ adhesive instantly cures when the accelerator is applied evoking the freedom of the no hold, no wait, instant repair, or let the adhesive cure on its own without the activator in 6-10 minutes. Inoteca claims this alone is faster then any glue on the market of this strength.
  • If the owners of Inoteca are to be believed, Instantbond™ can be used for fixing any breakage instantly, thereby eliminating the use of clamping devices or hold-down methods. The owners have maintained that “no-hold” attribute aids in zero-hassle repair, installation and fabrication like never before. Allowing the user a whole array of possibilities that were not available before and “once used can’t do without”
  • Though a broad array of branded adhesives are available in the retail and wholesale market, Inoteca has claimed that Instantbond™ is far more effective and more versatile than other adhesive products. The owners claim that with the introduction of the activator component of this product, has done what wireless did to power tools, offering a whole new freedom of no hold, no wait, adhesion.  Instantbond™ has an innovative composition of chemicals that ensures the fastest, fail-safe adhesion without compromising its strength. With a bonding strength of 5000 psi, the product is able to provide users an instant powerful repair or installthus putting the items back into use immediately while making them virtually impossible to break under normal circumstances. Nothing else available allows this freedom. 
  • Instantbond™ is a handy instant adhesive that can bond various materials such as wood, aluminium, leather, ceramics, vinyl as well as polyurethane, glass, stone, and many types of plastic. Reno Di Salvo, the CEO of Inoteca recently explained the versatile nature of the adhesive. “What sets our product apart is its ability to bond almost all the materials that people and professionals use on the spot, …in your hand!”
  • Inoteca claims the product has been proven to be indispensable for professionals such as carpenters, Installers, mechanics, masons, plumbers automotive, body shop etc., because of its speed of curing there is no need to wait or go back to the job to finish. As stated from Ceo of Inoteca and founder of Instantbond Reno Di Salvo“ we know the market is crowded with many different brands of adhesives that claim fast cures, but Instantbond with the introduction of an activator changes everything, reducing wait time with the use of the activator to mere seconds. This enables a whole array of new methods of gluing, repairing and fabricating, hailing it a dream product!” Enjoy the Freedom! “Why would you use anything else?”
  • “what are you waiting for”
  • The market success of Instantbond™ became quite evident at the National Hardware show in Las Vegas where it won the prestigious ‘Best New Product Award’. Inoteca has confirmed that the product is now available at major retailers such as Home Depot, online and through their own online store.

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The saying “this changes everything” is so true with Instantbond about adhesion it is truly revolutionary! You can repair an item and be back working or performing within seconds at full strength! There is nothing on the market like this! It is considered the Superman of Glues!

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