MDF Trim and Moulding

Cornice Trim and Moulding Installation Tips

The material that is used is MDF for cornice trim, cornice moulding, crown moulding, and more.

We apply a pair of nails on both the top and the bottom of the cornice. The placement of the nail on the face of the cornice plays an important part in the installation.

Instantbond adhsesive glue is used to glue and bond the MDF.

We don’t use either white or yellow wood working glue because both of these glues remain slightly flexible, even when they are fully cured. That means that in time they will allow the MDF wood fibers to slip a bit. Manufacturers call this “creep”. The solution is to use glues that will cure rock hard. Another thing to consider is that MDF is far more fibrous than solid wood and so using water-based glues will cause “swelling” at the joints. Instantbond adhesive glue bonds right away.

All wood, including MDF shrinks a little. To minimize the effect of this shrinkage, which causes unsightly cracks, installers use Instantbond adhesive glue.

Another thing to consider is that MDF is far more fibrous that solid wood and using water-based glues tends to cause “swelling” at the joints. The solvent base glues do not swell up the joints, allowing a virtually invisible seam just one more benefit on using the right glue. Instantbond also has the ability to cure in as little as 3 seconds.

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